Perverted homemade sex

I have to write this down as long as I still feel that special spunk in my sore pussy!

3 days ago Ben took me to a Baseball Game in the London Baseball Arena. I’ve never been to one of those events, but I must admit, I enjoyed it very much.
So, everybody that knows about my preference of big black men will understand why I got pretty wet soon after the game start. All those shiny black muscle wasn’t the only reason, second was all the attention I got. Ben didn’t tell me about the ball game, so I was wearing my usual very short skirt and 5” Pumps…

Ben’s favorite team did win, the Cheerleaders got wild and the team-mascot a big black lab was lead in the arena, it was a beautiful dog.

After the game Ben drove me to dinner on the trip he had no problem getting his fingers in my wet pussy since I wasn’t wearing any panties.

I couldn’t wait for Ben’s big black cock fucking my brains out…but Ben did enjoy his meal and a some wine and was obviously not in a hurry at all. He knew exactly how hot I was, he smiled at me knowingly….
What is it Honey? Food ain’t good?
I looked him straight in the eyes…
I’d like to feed my pussy to your cock!
I didn’t care that all the others around could hear what I was saying. I was in need of a good fuck!

Finally Ben was ready to leave, I didn’t care about all the looks I got, I was the one getting fucked well soon and I was sure, some of the Ladies been pretty jealous at that moment.

Well, Ben did screw me GOOD that night, I pulled his cock out of his trousers right after we stepped in his door, sucked it to full glory, straddled him to ride his dick with my ass first, to an earth shattering orgasm…knowing very well that there will be more to come!

On my birthday Ben called:
Hi Babe, would love to take you out tonight! How about I pick you up at 8?
Well, I’ve had a meeting with one of my customers in the afternoon for a demonstration of a new marketing-concept. So I told Ben I’ll meet him anywhere after I took care of business.
OK, do you remember about that new place I was talking about? Right! Meet me there at 8!

After my meeting I took a Cab to the restaurant, Ben was already waiting at the Bar.
Happy Birthday my darling!! You look terrific even in that business suit! Ben pulled me closer to give me a deep kiss while playing with my long curly red hair.
I was indeed dressed a lot more conservative today: gray short skirt ( a lot longer than usual but still ending about 7inches above the knee), matching jacket, black satin blouse, black seamed stockings and 5inch open toe pumps.

Come on Baby, it’s time for your Birthday surprise!
I do love surprises!!! Especially Ben’s!
Ben pulled me from the Bar to a separate room of the Restaurant, which he had reserved for this evening.

The moment we stepped in, a room full of black men greeted me:

Well I had to admit I was surprised!
You didn’t know the whole basket ball team are friends of mine, didn’t you Babe?!
No, I didn’t.
You sit here between me and my friend Mike.
Not so fast Ben! The guy’s protested. First we want to kiss the Birthday-Girl!
So I got kissed and pet by all the guy’s! My pussy did respond to all that attention by getting wet.
What a doll you’ve got there Ben! Why did you hide her from us all that time??
Ben just smiled…well…you guy’s don’t need to know everything!!!

After a great dinner and some Champagne, Ben said:
You know Babe, it just happen to be Mike’s birthday today too, so why don’t you give him a special kiss?!
What a great idea, so I kissed Mike quite sexy and long, while I’ve heard some comments like:
Lucky Bastard, oohh noo, look at that hot girl…wish it would be me…what if I say it’s my birthday too??!!
That kissing didn’t really help to cool me down! I was hot as hell! I needed some hard black meat in my itching twat!
So I whispered in Ben’s ear: How about I give your friend a special birthday gift? If you agree, just get up and lock the door!

I used the moment Ben got up to lock the door, to move my chair, get on my knees and open up Mike’s pants. I had his dick out in no time and my red lips around it’s head, just to begin deep throating his wonderful black pole! After I managed to suck his whole dick down my throat, I let it go for a second…Happy Birthday Mike!…
I had to have more of it and sucked his cock as if it was the last one on earth. I gave him a lap dance after the blowing…Look at that hot bitch! She’s not wearing any panties! Look at that nice blank cunt! Oooooohhhh nooo!
I had to have that dick, so I did manage to get it in my wet box, sliding down on it until I did feel the balls on my clit!…AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I came soon and it seemed to be to much for Mike, I could feel his cock swelling I let it slide out of my pussy, right in time to get my mouth over it to catch spurt after spurt of his hot liquid! Sure enough I sucked it dry and cleaned it up afterwards, just like any good girl would do.

I straightened my skirt, sat down on my chair…asking Ben for some cold Champagne.

I looked in a bunch of astonished black faces, while Mike whispered in my ear: That was fantastic!!! Best birthday gift I ever had!

After the heat did settle down a bit, I could feel some new tension in the room….even so I didn’t do anything and had no idea what’s wrong…everybody seemed to be ready to leave all of a sudden!!!

I looked at Ben…he laughed…see my Dear, the guy’s are here with the team’s tour bus and I said it might be possible that you’ll get hot enough to fuck any male in it!
After I’ve got me breath back, I looked him in the eyes, so that’s what you’ve told them?!?
Yes! I did!
All eyes in the room have been on my mouth in that moment….
Well than, I tell you what, I will fuck any male on that bus tonight except you!!!
Hey, you are my girl! No way!!
First, I’m nobody’s girl; second, you can watch or go home. That’s the deal!
I had a small orgasm in that moment, just from thinking about that black “male” with 4 paws I was hoping to be present in the team-bus!
So you are going to fuck all my buddies but me tonight? After the nice party I gave to you and all?!
Exactly! I’ll fuck any MALE in that bus, but you! It seemed to me, like some of the guy’s did get the whole meaning of my words…understanding that “any male” part!!

The bus was parked at a Bus-Parking a bit outside of town, so we hired a few cab and drove out there. It was pretty secluded, so we wouldn’t have to move the bus somewhere else. I did like that, my pussy needed dick as quick as possible!
Plus I was so excited, I had to find out if my hopes have been heard and that beautiful black Lab was waiting in the bus! Yes…I heard barking the moment the cab pulled up!!!

Everybody was in a rush to get in, telling from the big dents in all pants, the boy’s were ready for the show, so was I!
I stripped down to my stockings and heels, more than ready to fuck the first cock! And boy how those pretty pitch black dicks been ready! In no time at all I’ve had more of them in my face than I could suck!
Slow down guys, I’ll suck you all! But one at a time!!!
So I did, but after about 4 or 5 I had to have my other greedy holes filled, so I lifted my ass up to signal: I need man-meat!
The same moment, the first hard and warm black cock penetrated me…ooohhh what a pleasure!!! Unfortunately the guy didn’t last long and soon he pulled out to shoot his load on my ass.
The second one did last longer and fucked me good, so I had my first orgasm in the bus…
3 and 4 felt good too, but number 5 I pulled out of my cunt after a few strokes…sure he protested loud….
Sssshhh….I placed his dick on my ass looking him straight in the face: fuck me!!!
Every time I get a dick in my ass, it’s the same story, the moment it is in completely I’m having a great orgasm! It wasn’t any different this time!
Super to have more than one dick available…the moment I opened my mouth in ecstasy, I got a hard cock shoved in. It didn’t last long, me humming, moaning, biting on it, while sucking it in as deep as possible….soon I felt streams of cum shooting down my throat!
The same moment I felt that cock in my ass twitching and shooting his load deep in my bowels!
After he pulled out, I felt a long rough tongue cleaning me up back there…I was in heaven, my wish will come true, and that dog was about to make me his bitch tonight!
Away! Go away Charly!! In your corner!!!
I looked up at the guy who was yelling those commands: Leave him alone! He’s a male, right!?
In your corner!
I yelled at that guy: Don’t you get it?!? He’s a male right?! Now the last one in the bus did understand what I’ve meant with: I’ll fuck every male in the bus besides Ben!
Charly did come back to lick me and oohhh he did a good job, a VERY good job!

The other males came back to life after a few seconds of pure shock, surrounding me, looking at the show Charly and me did put on….I grabbed the next available dick to suck, while Charly got more and passionate with his licking.
He did slide his long tongue so deep and so rough over my swollen clit, that I came within a heartbeat, the poor dick in my mouth had no chance but to shoot his load because I sucked so powerful on it, while swimming on a wave of little orgasms.
My arms got weak, so I collapsed on the floor, Charly got scared a bit about it and moved away, that wasn’t in my interest, but his tongue got replaced with another big black dong, so I didn’t complain at all.
A couple of guys fucked me good and hard missionary on the floor , I liked every minute and every inch of it!
Finally I recovered the strength in my arms and legs, it was time for MY PLEASURE.
I was more than ready for some big, hard, beautiful dog dicking!

Some guy tried to enter me from behind, but I chased him away, NO it’s Charlie’s turn now, come on boy fuck me, mount your bitch, give it to me good!! Knot me!!
As he heard his name he came slowly closer, he was not experienced with human bitches, so I sweet talked to him. Pet his head and whispered in his ears: fuck me boy, fuck me godd, I need it…he showed some interest, but wasn’t sure what to do, so I pet his belly, stroked along his pouch to feel his dick and to make him hot.
My efforts got rewarded, with him showing the tip of his red rod, the more I stroked it, the more he showed…I was happy and proud…but he was still uneasy with me touching him there…I did pet him, talked to him all the while stroking his growing dog cock.
When I had the feeling he was comfortable with what I’m doing, I got brave, moved my head between his legs and began to very gently lick his dick…like any other male in my live he didn’t complain much, so I swallowed him deeper and deeper…when I stopped and crawled from under him, he did whine like any male would do…calm down boy, now it’s time to sink your beautiful dick in your bitch, I got in position with my ass up high, but Charly wasn’t sure what I was asking him to do, I slapped my butt: here boy, mount me, here boy, here boy, fuck me Charly…he got the hints, licked my more than ready cunt a few times and finally jumped up putting his front paws tight around my waist, stabbing around at my bitch-cunt until he found the warm wet opening, shoving his big dick in me just to start hammering me immediately like a jackhammer!
I screamed and yelled, full of joy, hot as hell, that was exactly what I was waiting for since I’ve had the idea back in the restaurant. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the sex I’ve had till this moment, but being turned into a real bitch by a wild dog is something else, something so wild and powerful, it makes your brain spin, your body explodes, your juices flow and flow, there is nothing you can do other than just surrender.
I’ve had a wonderful orgasm the moment Charly took his bitch and just at the moment the second one was about to go away, my beautiful Charly managed to shove his knot in me, the stretching of my vagina and the pressure on my clit made me ride from orgasm 2 to 3 without a interruption, I was in heaven, screaming out my lust and joy. I could feel it, Charly had his fun with his bitch, he was shooting stream after stream of hot precum in me while fucking me fast and wild, I was in a constant state of ecstasy, my mouth was dry from screaming, my arms got weak again, I sank to the floor just my ass was up high thanks to the strong Charly and his big knot.
With a wild howling he finally did shoot his dog semen deep in his bitch, I could feel every spurt and as weak as I was I came again, whimpering in carpet on the bus floor.
I was DONE, while Charly was still fucking his bitch, not as hard as before anymore, but he was still screwing me good, drooling all over my back.
The feeling of him trying to free his dick was exiting, but I was way to finished up to build up new feelings, finally Charly turned around, scratching his hind legs over my ass.
We’ve been stuck like that for I don’t know how long, I must have been kind of passed out for a while….when I got my senses back, I was carried to a couch by Ben.

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