Dirty forbidden sex

Hot dog sex

I’m a professional in my mid 30’s and divorced about two years. I’m still carrying a lot of emotional baggage (courtesy of my ex-husband) and have the type of job that makes it difficult to maintain a relationship. Not that it has been a problem – In two years, I’ve been asked out on four dates. I’m tall (6′ 1″) and I usually wear 4 or 5 inch heels; so I think my height also scares most guys off (LOL).

I’m a triathlete, and I was out for a training run early one morning when a van drove up next to me and slowed down to match my speed. It suddenly sped up, parked in front of me, and a man jumped out of the passenger seat and tried to grab me.

I screamed, scratched him, and ran away as fast as I could. I reported it to the local police, but they never did find the men. That experience scared the hell out of me. I told one of my co-workers about my experience and suggested that I get a dog.

I thought it was a great idea! I wanted a dog that was big enough to keep up with me on a run, and also to provide some intimidation and if needed, protection. At the market I saw an ad for a nearby Great Dane rescue. I called and made an appointment. It was the first time I met Thor.

Thor is an 18 month old male Great Dane. The woman that ran the rescue assured me that he was very friendly and loved to run. When we went out to meet him, he had somehow gotten in to the enclosure adjacent to his, and was stuck ass-to-ass with a female. Never having owned a dog, I knew nothing about canine anatomy, and had no idea what was going on. The woman from the rescue was mortified as she explained that the dogs were ‘tied’ and that we would have to wait until they separated on their own.

While we were waiting, I noticed that Thor was a magnificent looking animal. He is glossy jet black, over three feet high at the shoulder, and 180 pounds of solid muscle. As I was admiring him, he popped out of the female, and what I saw changed my life.

I had assumed that a dog’s cock would be like a man’s cock or perhaps smaller. I was shocked at both the size and shape of Thor’s huge veiny red manhood. It looked over a foot long, and as thick around as my ankle, with a massive softball-sized bulge near the base. It hung there and bobbed slowly as he walked towards us. As shocked as I was, I was also feeling something I hadn’t felt in a long while – horny. I hadn’t had sex since my divorce. I hadn’t really thought about it much, but my emotional issues had made me uninterested in sex. That was about to change.

I adopted Thor and took him home. The woman at the rescue was right. He was very friendly and he loved to run. After a couple of months, we got our routine down, and began to get used to each other. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw the day I met him. I have always had a Fantasy about having sex with a big cock. So far, that fantasy had not been fulfilled. I mean, the guys I had been with were big enough, but I wanted something huge – like porno movie huge – and Thor had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I found myself thinking about sex often. I began masturbating almost dail y (which is something I previously had done only very rarely). While I masturbated, I thought of Thor’s giant cock.

One night I had a couple of glasses of wine and while watching a movie, I began to rub Thor’s belly and touched the sheath around his cock. He immediately began to get erect. I stopped moving as soon as I felt it. As he grew to fill my hand, I must have started massaging again at some point and he got up and started to hump my hand as I pumped it up and down on his massive dick. I quickly realized what I was doing and ashamed, I stopped. I had to look at it again though: It was bigger than any cock I’d ever seen even though there was no bulge this time.

My obsession got worse. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I went online and did a search and learned that there was a whole community of people that were into dog sex. I read a couple of “How To” guides, watched some movies, and decided to give it a try.

That night, I cut the bottom off of an old two-piece wetsuit, stripped, put on the wetsuit, and tried to get Thor to mount me. I got down on all fours, but he wanted to play and just licked my face. After I began to rub his belly and sheath, he got the idea. I got back down and he jumped on my back and began humping wildly. He couldn’t penetrate me and I couldn’t guide him in because he was moving around too much. After a bunch of near misses and a few painful jabs in the ass, I was about to give up when I put my shoulders down and my ass up to try to reach him to guide him in. As soon as the geometry was right, he found his mark.

I was so wet that he slid in easily but his huge cock stretched the opening of my vagina wider than it had ever been stretched before. He tensed up, pulled himself deeper in to me and fell into an intensely fast humping rhythm. He was huge – he was stretching me wider and humping me deeper than anything I’d ever had inside me before. It was amazing, even better than my fantasy. I kept my hand on his cock because I had no intention of letting his monstrous knot enter me. His cock alone was almost more than I could handle, I was afraid that knot would kill me. I thought I’d be able to feel it and keep it from going in.

However, the first time I felt his knot was when I suddenly felt him stretching the opening of my vagina even wider at the beginning and end of each thrust. By the time I realized what was happening, his thickening knot was inside me and already too big to come back out. I started to panic and tried to get him to stop, but I had 180lbs of fuck-crazy muscle on my back with a death-grip on my waist. There was no stopping him at that point. I was terrified as his knot grew, and grew, and grew. His knot was stuck behind my pubic bone and the pressure was unbelievable. As his bloated knot grew, it forced his giant rock-hard cock even deeper inside me. I could feel it up to my ribcage. My guts felt like they were being rearranged on every one of his short but violent thrusts.

I relaxed when I realized that he was all the way in and wasn’t going to rip me open. With my hand, I could feel a massive bulge moving in my abdomen caused by his thrusting knot. I had my first ever squirting orgasm at that point. Suddenly, Thor stopped thrusting and started to cum. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was surprised by what happened. I assumed that like a man, he’d squirt a few times and then be done. Instead, I could feel his cock convulsing inside me dozen of times as he literally pumped me full of semen.

His knot had me sealed up tight, and I felt my vagina further distend to accommodate not only my own ejaculate, but also the incredible amount of sperm that was entering my body. He finally stopped cumming but that wasn’t the end. His wonderful knot was still embedded in me. I was his bitch, and I loved it. I rubbed my clit and had the longest orgasm of my life. My legs were trembling uncontrollably when he pulled out with an explosion of warm fluid.

As our juices cooled on my inner thighs, I looked at his still baseball-sized knot and down at my gaping open pussy and realized that I was never going to be the same.


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