My Love is dog

My name is Breeze. Most people I know call me Breezy. I am twenty years old, and I am five feet, two inches tall. I have shoulder length red hair and I shave my pussy but when I let it grow its also red. I have a few freckles around my breast but mostly my skin is white. I tell you this so you can understand that I don’t lack for attention from men or women. I started having affairs with girls at school and also a few boys. I don’t for sex in any way. My concern is that I have found a new way to satisfy my needs and I find it sort of abnormal but I can’t seem to stop even though I tell myself I am going to stop doing this. I have found that I will never leave my new lifestyle.

I don’t really know how it started. First it was a way to give my collie a form of relief. I had bought it to keep me company and I couldn’t bring myself to have him neutered. One day saw him sort of humping the air and the tip of his pink pointy cock was sticking out of his foreskin. I didn’t even stop to think. I just pulled Prince over to me and pushed him on his side and began jacking him of. I was amazed at how much fluid was dripping from is cock and how long it had grown. I continued jacking him off when I noticed a large ball of flesh at the base of his cock. Prince was humping against my hand and all of a sudden his tail stuck up and his hips sort of curled against my hand and began shooting some thick milky fluid. I got so horny I grabbed my clit with my wet hand and jerked a quick orgasm. I couldn’t believe how hot I got just jacking Prince was. I licked my fingers and tasted his fluid as well as mine. I got up on wobbly legs and took a cold shower. I had never been as satisfied sexually as I had just been with Prince.

The next day I couldn’t wait to get home from my part time job as a clerk. I practically flew to my car and sped down the road to get home and Prince. As I drove thru the crowded road, I rubbed myself to two mild but good orgasms thinking about Prince. When I got home I ran into my apartment and took my clothes off as Prince jumped up and licked my lips. I raced for the bathroom and Prince followed. I sat on the seat of the commode and Prince got between my legs as he placed his front paws on my shoulders and I reached down and circled his cock with my thumb and forefinger. His cock grew quickly and pretty soon he I had my whole hand around his cock, as he humped my hand and his hot precum covered my belly. I started my multiple orgasms and soon his hind legs froze and he hunched forward and I felt his hot cum splash on my belly and inside of my legs. I hit my peak orgasm and felt my toes curl and cramp. I lay there on the commode slightly forward from where I had started. I rubbed Prince’s body and opened my mouth widely as he swabbed it with his hot long tongue. I felt him slide forward and his pointy cock was at the entrance to my vagina; another push and felt him enter my vagina as I cried out, “Oh Baby!” and he shoved hard into me and I felt him fully seated inside me and I cried, “Oh gawd, my sweet Prince, goooooddddddddd!” Prince began a fast and furious humping hitting the back of my womb. “Oh baby, fuck Mamma, fuck me hard!” My eyes rolled back into my head and my toes curled and cramped again. I was cumin hard. I felt him hit the back wall of my cunt and I groaned and yelled in ecstasy as I felt his pointy cock hit the entrance to my womb. I must have passed out because I regained my senses, Prince was kissing and fully seated in my womb. I swear I had I had never been fucked that hard, that by anyone, man or woman. I felt Prince’s cock slide out and I began to cry. I felt deprived, well fucked and in love with my Prince. I don’t know how long I lay there with Prince. I do know that I finally got up showered and went to my computer and began looking for sites on bestiality and women. I was lucky and found a woman who began teaching me the ends and outs, (no pun intended.). That night I took Prince to bed with me. Prince and I fucked all night. We tried all the positions the Trainer had suggested. In the morning I called in sick and I spent the day walking around nude, dropping to my knees any time Prince wanted me or on my back as he pleased me with his tongue. Sometimes I leaned over a chair and let Prince fuck me doggy style. He seemed to prefer the missionary position so I let him pick what he wanted. Prince would shove his cock into me and I would feel him elongate and thicken inside of me. He pumped into me several times and he began hitting my back wall. I felt a small a snap as he stretched my pussy and I started cumin. I had never had multiple orgasms but Prince had me on a roll. Then I felt him stiffen and his cock began drenching my womb with his hot sperm and I began cumin again. I I felt something explode in my head and my body began to shake as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I was covered with hot perspiration as I lay there wasted on the floor. I remember how fast he fucked me and how his cock, pre-cum and sperm was hotter than any man or woman I had ever felt. Just like Trainer had told me. Prince’s body and cock was ten degrees hotter than any body I had ever held. I Sometimes I let him fuck me three or four times in the night and then I would crawl into bed feeling like a wet wash cloth.

It became a routine. I would rush home from work, and rushed straight upstairs to the bedroom with Prince at my heels. I would strip down and drop down on all fours. Sometimes I would take him missionary style, other times I would suck him off and getting him as hard as I could get him and taking him doggy style. I became sexually addicted to Prince. I loved it best during the weekends when we were alone. I would strip down and take Prince upstairs. I would walk around nude and let him take me when and how he wanted. It got to where I would take off early from work and then I would take my panties off in the car and jerk off thinking about Prince. Everyday I would talk to my Trainer and tell her what Prince and I were up to and sometimes I would send her an e-mail right after we had fucked and she would tell me how to improve my sex with Prince. I found my trainer exciting to talk to and it would enhance my libido just to talk to her thru email.

I began calling in sick, or leaving work early and rushing home more often than usual. Sometimes I would think of how Prince would spray my nude body with his pre-cum and his sperm and I would have to go to the bathroom and rub-off a quick one . Other times I would be so horny that I would take my panties off as soon as I got in the car and began getting all wet thinking about what awaited me and Prince when I got home.

I never knew bestiality with a dog could be so exciting. My sex was wonderful. Every time we fucked it was different. Sometimes I walked to the bed lay on the edge with my legs wide open and my feet flat on the carpet. I just looked at him and say, “Come here Big Boy, come here.” Prince would come to me eagerly, licked my breasts and my mouth as I sucked on his tongue. I felt his cock punch around my vagina hitting my clit, and my labia and suddenly he was in me and with a hard shove hit the back of my womb. His next stroke crushed by cervix and my cervix’s rubbery lips felt his cock rub back anf forth against them. I orgasmed instantly as his hot pe-cum filled my womb. He was like a machine and somehow I felt he was enjoying this fuck better than the first time. My toes spread and cramped as I rolled my buttocks up against him and my knees pressed his muscular sides. I reached up and grabbed my knees and pulled them up towards my shoulders to give him more access to my pussy and felt his paws tightened on my shoulders. Gawd, he was strong and fucked me hard like a machine. This could not be called love making. It was raw animal sex, a K9 and a human female, and I loved it. I felt him curl up against me and tense as his knot slipped thru my vaginal muscles and he sealed my womb. He rested for a minute and then he began again, hard and fast and he froze. I felt his hot cum wash my womb once again as I experienced a mega orgasm. My toes hurt from a curled cramp and a hot explosion happened in my midriff as it travel to the top of my head and I cried and screamed, “Oooohhhhh Prince, my Prince, my beautiful lover.” “Ooooooohhhhhgawwd.”

I passed out again for a couple of minutes and when I gained consciousness, Prince was still in me and laying on my chest. He was licking my face and swabbing my mouth out with his hot tongue. I could feel his cock in me and I squeezed my vagina and he began getting hard again. I squeezed harder in sequence and he got bone hard again. I felt him elongate and his knot began to grow. I felt a sharp pain in my womb and suddenly realized that the tip of his cock had penetrated my cervix. My body trembled all over and my legs rolled back against my shoulders to give Prince more access to my womb. I heard a woman crying and realized was me as I went thru total ecstasy. Prince’s cock grew inside of me and he rolled into me. I felt his hot body against me and I nibbled on his tongue as I hit the biggest orgasm of my life. I cried and my body shook I felt myself shooting cum. Prince knew what I was going thru. His cock jerked and his cum washed my womb. I lay there with my legs askew, worn out and felt my womb tighten on Prince’s cock but I could not hold him.

I have started to walk Prince around the park in our neighborhood. I see other women with dogs and wonder if their relationship with their pets is the same as Prince and I. I do know this; if a woman wants total sexual satisfaction she should get a dog. Choose a good dog; get him well trained and she will have not just a pet but a life partner. They say that at least 12% of women have a relationship with there pet. I am looking to hook up with one of the 12% women so we can have dog orgies and exchange K9 partners. I have found out that each dog is different and can bring new joys. I want more. For now its happiness and my secret is safe with my love. All they want is love and attention. I got plenty. Regrets? None! I wish I could tell all the women I meet at the park how much more love they can get from their pets. But all in good time.

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